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The phrase ‘Independent Financial Adviser’ has a particular meaning that’s set out in the rules that financial advisers have to follow. To be called independent, a financial adviser must be able to offer a broad range of retail investment products and give consumers unbiased and unrestricted advice based on a comprehensive and fair analysis of the market. A financial adviser that is not independent can be called ‘restricted’ if they only recommend certain types of investment products or products from a limited number of providers.


A financial adviser must tell you how much they charge before you’re taken on as a client (it’s part of the rules that all advisers have to abide by). Some might charge per hour, others might charge a fixed fee or a percentage (typically 3-4.5%) of the value of your pension pot.


Pay off the debt unless you have any risk to future borrowing. Unless you know of risks to your creditworthiness, pay it off. Hope that helps.


You could instead delay taking some of your pension. For example, you might be able to arrange to retire gradually, or change to working part-time or flexibly and then draw part of your pension. If you want your pot to remain invested after the age of 75, you’ll need to check with your pension scheme or provider that they will allow this.


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Areas of advice

Pension Review

The service we provide is free initially,
we'll show you how your pension is
performing free of charge.

Final Salary Pension Schemes

Our Financial Advisors can help you
decide your best options should you
have a defined benefit scheme.

Investments & Savings

Investing your money provides a greater
opportunity to increase your money than
a traditional savings account.

Inheritance Tax Planning

A Financial Advisor can help you to
avoid passing on a large inheritance tax
bill when you come to pass on your

Insurance & Protection

There is a wide variety of insurance
products available to protect you and
your family from all kinds of
unexpected events.

Mortgage & Equity Release

Getting the right financial advice can
prove crucuial whether you are buying
your first home or releasing equity
later in life.

About us

We are a collective of UK Financial Advisors who use this platform to provide a quick and easy resource for people to get their financial questions answered in a phone call by a locally based Financial Advisor.

With hundreds of people using our service every week to receive financial help we find that the percentage of these people that then go on to meet the financial advisor is very high. Although we advertise on Google, Bing and Facebook we get a lot of our questions to the site by word of mouth as it is clear there is a need for a no nonsense approach to receiving regulated advice.

The technology we use allows us to direct the area of interest to ensure your answer is provided by a specialist Financial Advisor.

Our service is entirely free for the customer to use and there is absolutely no obligation to instruct your advisor.

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