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Our Plans

Our plans are open to all types of Financial Advisors including: Independent Financial Advisors, Restricted Whole-of-Market Advisors and Restricted Advisors.

What is our lead rejection criteria?
Uncontactable - we will refund enquiries if they prove to be uncontactable
Hoax – someone is trying to sell you something in the enquiry or it is obviously a fake client (e.g. Mickey Mouse).
Colleague – the enquiry has also gone to a colleague in the same firm.
Non-Resident - when it is clear from the message that the enquirer is not a UK resident.
Duplicate enquiry – if a consumer has previously contacted you through using the same contact details.
Debt management – if it is clear from the message that the enquirer is only seeking debt management advice.
Wrong service - requires a service that you don't supply.

What is our appointment rejection criteria?
Less than £12,500.
No state, unfunded or final salary schemes.

What filtering do you apply to enquiries?
When you set up your profile you will need to select the services you offer and your minimum wealth criteria. This will determine which type of enquiries you receive.

How many enquiries can I expect?
Basic service - none
Professional - you can expect to get up to 30 leads per year. The number of leads you can expect varies depending on your location, geographical reach, time of year, your minimum wealth criteria, your photo, profile, the number of 'questions and answers' submitted and the number of reviews. *Additional leads can be requested.
Premium service - 6 initial trial, 5 per month thereafter.

Cost of leads
Based on the size of investable assets:
Any level - £60
Over £50,000 of investable assets - £120
Over £100,000 of investable assets - £180
Over £250,000 of investable assets- £225
Over £500,000 of investable assets- £300
All prices shown above exclude VAT

Cost of appointments
Over £12,500 and less than £19,999 of investable assets - £390
Over £20,000 of investable assets - £450
No VAT charged on appointments.