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Final Salary Pension Schemes

How can a Pension Specialist help me?

Although less common these days, Final Salary Pension Schemes were offered by a number of employers. They still exist, but you're more likely to possess one if you've worked for the same company for a long time and were typically offered by larger firms. The idea is simple upon retiring the pension holder receives a pension based on your earnings.

The benefit of having a Financial Advisor look over your Final Salary Pension Scheme are many. Firstly, if you're over the age of 55 you may be able to release some of the capital in your scheme and secondly, the Cash Equivalent Transfer Values are extremely high at the moment due to low annuity rates.

With the recent press surrounding Sir Peter Green and the mishandling of BHS, it may also be a good idea to make sure who-ever is in charge of your pension has kept their hands out of the cookie jar.

Do you have a Final Salary Pension Scheme and what to release some equity or just make sure your money's safe? At Regulated Advice, we can provide a list of suitable candidates in seconds.