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Investments and Savings

Why hire a Savings Specialist?

No two savings plans or schemes are the same and there's a good reason. It's fair to say that savings schemes, in general, have taken a bit of a beating in recent time thanks to low-interest rates. So, in order to attract much-needed money into their coffers, Banks, building societies and other organisations were forced to get creative.

Depending on your lifestyle, your plans for the future and the amount of money you have, the options available can differ a great deal.

Some organisations offer better rates for long-term savings and others for higher amounts. There are also a few government-backed schemes, some of which are only available if savers met certain criteria.

The savings market can be a confusing place, but there are still a few oases' hidden in the tundra. A Financial Advisor specialising in savings plans will assess your unique circumstances and analyse the market looking for a suitable scheme. With their expertise and product knowledge, they can find options providing the right level of security, liquidity and return.

If you have funds you'd like to put aside, you're only 3 steps from your ideal adviser.